Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'm feeling "visual". This is a photo I took of a hyacinth in Ollie's yard. Ollie, of course, is my sweetie!

Isn't it beautiful?


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hey Gena, Your Ollie must have a gorgeous home... The little hyacinth is gorgeous...

I read where Arkansas got lucky--and didn't get the freezing temps... We have had snow flurries for two days and temps in the 30's... Brrrrrr.


Gena said...

We were fortunate. We hit about 36 last night and are expected to be above freezing tonight, too.

He has a small cabin that used to be for fishing/hunting and he converted it to his home about 10 years ago. He has done a lot of work to it and the yard. The house is way too small and is constantly needing work and upgrades. The yard, for the most part, he has done. We fight erosion. He is in the middle of a large hill/slope. Probably put more time into the outside than the inside but, it's still a cute place.

Where you off to next?

Talk soon!

suZen said...

Ahh, deep breath and I can almost smell it! I was doing just that in the store yesterday - smelling all the hyacinths and Easter lilies that are on display. Lovely fragrance - wish I had some in my yard!

mayzbeadz said...

very pretty flower!!! happy to hear your show went well...
yes i made some changes to the blog I like the look!!!
i love my babies they keep me busy!! LOL
stop by any time!!!
i am happy to say i have a few shows this month to but i need to get in the mood to make things lol

Gena said...

I could surround myself with flowers 24/7. If I want to get rid of money FAST...I go to a nursery. I'm like an addict around flowers! lol

I'm glad you've got shows coming up! I hope they go well!
I know how it is. Some days I don't want to do a thing!