Monday, April 13, 2009

How about a little more scenery?


Betsy from Tennessee said...

How serene, Gena.... I could sit and look at those photos forever... Even better, I'd like to be sitting beside one of those creeks. WOW!!!

raquel roysdon said...

I needed serenity all day thank you. I enjoyed it.

Gena said...

I was thumbing through a National Geographic and found a beautiful waterfall from Michigan. I'll look it up again and get it to you!
I love flowing rivers, creeks, WATERFALLS!

Glad I could help!

Dee said...

i like the 3rd picture the best, I can see myself walking in that field.

Gena said...

Thanks, Dee!

Virginia said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I agree, we can all use some serenity in our lives. Ahhhh, I feel better just stopping by!

suZen said...

These are all gorgeous - did you take these photos? I'd love to paint every one of them!

Gena said...

Thank you for stopping by and enjoying my photos.

I wish I had taken them. They are from Photobucket. You paint them and show them off. They would be stunning.

Yaya said...

Wow I love that first one!!!

Gena said...

Me, too. I started a social network, Serene Moments, and this is its logo.
Want an invite?