Monday, March 30, 2009

I had one of my SERENE MOMENTS this weekend!

With my boyfriend, Ollie, working in Wisconsin, I ventured to his house to check on everything, and to get away. Ollie lives in a cabin on the river.
I took along "my son's" brindle boxer, Tiger.
Saturday, RAIN.
You know, something about being in a cabin at the river, I just really didn't care that it was raining. I kicked back on the couch with Tiger lying beside me and caught up on a little bit of NOTHING!
Sunday starts with lots of sunshine, but cool and windy! Again, something about the surroundings made me just not care.
I loaded up Tiger and took a drive along the river, stopping at homes of my friends to see how things were coming along. There's still a massive clean up going on since the big ice storm in January.
Tiger and I stopped several times and just enjoyed the river. It has changed so much since the two floods last year.
Lucky for me, I remembered my camera. I have one of those old fashion ones that takes film. I took several pictures of the river and will be posting them soon!
Tiger and I spent the rest of the day just hanging out and enjoying the sunshine.
I'll be returning this coming weekend. Ollie will be in for a couple of days and then will be returning to the job in Wisconsin.
I am really ready to see him.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by.
If you are a dessert fan, stop by my "Yummy!Yummy!Yummy!" blog and view my recipe for Twinkie Pie.
Also, I have a new blog in the works. It is titled "Visions of Life: A Journey Towards Health and Wealth". If you have a health topic you would like me to explore, just let me know.
I will be starting, by request, with Heart Disease.
Stay tuned for my photos from the river. I will be posting them within a day or so.
You'll definitely want to hang out and enjoy some Serene Moments there.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Can't wait to see the photos of the river... What river is it???? Buffalo???? We haven't seen it --but want to. There are some waterfalls near that wild river.

I hope that you and Ollie can come to the Smokies sometime. You would love that little cabin!

Gena said...

It's Spring River, between Hardy and Mammoth Springs.
He's traveled through the Smokies, but hasn't had a chance to stop.
That is the kind of places we look for!
We're going to try to visit Buffalo some time but haven't yet.

Dee said...

doesn't matter what the weather is when your in a cabin on the river.

Gena said...

You're absolutely right! This weekend, I guarantee it can storm, we can have a blizzard..... I don't care. My sweetie will be home all weekend!

Oz Girl said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend to me. :)

And Twinkie Pie??!! Oh my, sounds like something my sweet-tooth husband might adore...

Gena said...

Oz Girl,
You know it!
I am here to tell you, Twinkie Pie is SINFUL!

Chuck Dilmore said...

thank you for taking us there!
the cabin on the river
on a rainy day...



Gena said...

Thanks, Chuck!

Photos are next!

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