Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am sorry to have neglected my blog for a few days. I am quite busy trying to get ready for the Taste of Home Cooking School. It is on April 2nd and I have reserved a booth for my candle business. They are expecting an attendance of 2,000!
I have been busy buying up product for the show, but, even more time consuming, has been getting my information cards with coupon and scent sample ready for the gift bags. It really takes quite some time to get 2,000 ready.
I do appreciate your patience.
I try to use this as my personal blog, keeping my business information to the side so that it is your choice if you would like to see it. Most of you know, however, that I have an additional blog, that covers more of my business. It is where I "advertise", so to speak, by telling about the business and things related to it.
I hope you do not mind this post crossing that line, but I want to share my excitement, nervousness and anxiety about the upcoming show and, maybe, you guys could kind of "cheer me on".
I do want to let everyone know that I would love for you to visit my business site, not so much to buy, although I would let you, but to enter my weekly drawing. There's no kind of obligation, but I would love to see a fellow blogger win!
Just click on the jar candle, fill in your information and submit!
Thanks guys!
I'll finish up the inserts for the gift bags by Thursday and the rest will be pretty simple. Then, I can get back to blogging.


Dee said...

best of luck to you at the show I hope you sell a lot and make a good profit

Jen said...

Good Luck Gena!!! That sound fabulously exciting. I have not gotten over to your business site yet...but I will! Although I gotta say...I love the photo you have a heading on your home page. It is so serene. It almost looks mythical...a place I might want to visit and then write a story about :-)

Gena said...

Thanks, Dee! After all the "extra" investment, I hope I can at least break even! HEEHEE

Jen, I appreciate it! It is exciting and a bit scary. You should browse around. Doesn't cost anything to look! Thank you! I love outdoor scenery.

Free drawing on Mondays! Sign up! I won't bug you unless you mark that you want me to! HaHa!

Oz Girl said...

Good luck with your booth at the show! I will check out your business site when I have electric back on here! :)