Monday, March 23, 2009

Good news! When you sign up for mobile and e-mail alerts with Redbox, they send you codes for a free movie on Monday and Wednesday!
I love it!

Here is today's code:



Oz Girl said...

Can't beat that deal, for sure! Thanks you so much for visiting my photo blog and commenting. Except for our recent "burn" (post on my regular blog) I would say our life is pretty uneventful and boring; we both enjoy the simple things. Glitz and glamour I can certainly live without!

Gena said...

I really like free stuff!

I love other people's work! I have done photography for years, but keep it among family.


raquel roysdon said...

beautiful picture. I could stay and stare at it for a bit. Thanks.

Gena said...

You don't have to rush off. Stay as long as you like.
Want a cup of coffee?

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Gena, Good Luck with your booth at the big show. Our area has HUGE craft shows --especially in the fall. You ought to reserve a booth and bring your goodies this way sometime..

Have a great day.

suZen said...

Best of luck at the show! You go girl! And don't worry about your blog cuz we all have lives aside from the blogosphere. Your "fans" will always be here! :)

Gena said...

Thank you. I just might do that some time.

Thank you. I know, but how many times have I waited days and days and days......
I appreciate you all though.
Blogging has become a big asset for me since I have trouble getting out.