Friday, June 26, 2009

Not Feeling Serene.....CHEER ME UP!

My friends, I am not feeling SERENE today. Ann's question on meeting your soul mate, probably didn't help.

Here's our story, shortened, then you can read my "POUTY" story:

I met my Ollie four years ago. I was working as a security guard at Frito Lay and he was a overseeing a conveyor installation. We spoke for several weeks before he hinted at us going out. I was then moved to another location to do security and was a little sad that I didn't hear from him.

About a month later, the security company decided to put me back at Frito Lay and, lo and behold, he was still there. He immediately took my number and set up a date. We've been together ever since.

Ollie told me later that he wasn't sure I was serious about being around him but, after me leaving once and him missing out, he wasn't taking another chance.

Ollie and I are 18 years apart. I have been divorced for 16 years and, for him, its been 30, so we were both skeptical, but it works. We are so much alike and he is really good to me. Of course, I spoil him rotten. Neither of us has ever known a relationship such as ours.

We are so in love and loving every minute of it!

Now, my "Pouty" story:

Ollie returned from doing a job in Milwaukee, Wisconsin about 3 weeks ago and had to leave today to do a job in Schuyler, Nebraska. It is scheduled for 9 months, but, generally, these jobs go over. He'll get to come home a weekend each month, plus a week for Thanksgiving and about 3 weeks for Christmas.

Ollie is a self employed "site coordinator". Basically meaning that companies pay him to go to their job sites and oversee the work, keep them on budget and on schedule. It almost always means he'll be gone for weeks, months....this one, possibly will drag out to close to a year.



Tell me about your SERENE MOMENTS!

Thanks for listening!

Happy VGNO!


Jenn@ The Crazies said...

Happy GNO!!! Stop by my place for a rockin' giveaway as part of my post!!

Anonymous said...

That stinks ya gotta spend so much time apart. :(

But that's a cute story of how you got together.

Happy VGNO!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Gena, Can't you go with him??? Is there anything 'holding' you where you are??? Even if you went part of the time---wouldn't that be okay??? Are you still working? Maybe you can transfer....

I don't know Gena---but I wouldn't be happy at all with that relationship. Something HAS to be done.

I'm so sorry... Wish I had some answers for you.

So very sorry.

robin said...

What a cool-looking blog!
Happy GNO!

Elizabeth said...

That's tough - my husband travels for his work a lot too, and sometimes I'm lucky to see him one weekend a month. It's hard to stay positive sometimes when he's away all the time, and my 16-month-old munchkin is starting to show his true toddler colors. All I can say is chocolate. Lots of it. Chocolate can make the world better. Good luck and happy VGNO!

Martha in PA said...

Stopping by from VGNO. I'm sorry for your situation, it is a tough one! I hope as the saying going, absence makes the heart grow fonder!"

JAN'S PLACE said...

oh. .I feel your pain.. hang in there. it will work out!


Arkansas Patti said...

I'm with Betsy, Isn't there someway to make it more than once a month? Got to be a way you can go there if only on weekends.
You have a great "meeting" story.

Gena said...

I appreciate you guys! It just makes me sad. I'm so used to it, but, I don't have to like it.

This will be the first time he's had to be away this long.

Here's the other stuff:

Many of you aren't aware that I was injured Feb., 2008 and I am unable to work, much less travel.I have limited to no mobility, depending on the day. Lots of meds. NO RELIEF.

Between fighting with the workers comp insurance (they dropped medical and my check when I hit 1 yr. mark), attorneys and the workers comp commission (it's doing a change of physicians which takes up to 4 months), I stay upset and a tad depressed. I am also fighting to try to get my social security disability or my original workers comp check started, at least (and hopefully) temporarily.

His traveling it just part of our relationship that I have become accustom to. Again, I don't have to like it.

I think, once he completes this one, he's ging to try to find something else to do that will keep him home. Unfortunately, it's hard to make close to $200,000 yr. doing most other stuff.

Lola said...

Stopping by for VGNO!

Hope you have a great weekend.

Martha said...

I can relate a bit - at one time my hubby worked away all week and I only saw him on weekends. We both hated it but there are such sweet memories of those times we were able to be together. Cherish every single minute you are able to be together!

Sue said...

Sorry about Ollie traveling for so long. That would stink, my husband went on a business trip once for a week and I could barely stand it. Hope it works out.

Thanks for stopping by mine. I prob. will post some pics next week of my daughter's recital. Thanks.

Have a great weekend. :)

Ali said...

Ohh what a bummer! I am sorry, I hope the time flies! I remember when Jim had to do his co-op a state away when he was in college, that was for a semester at a time and each time it seemed like it would take forever but it was over in no time. Hopefully Ollie's next job will be shorter or closer to home! Happy VGNO, cheer up!! =)

~Sandy~ said...

oh no! that is a long time...but it sounds like your relationship has been through times like this before. i hope the 9 months whizzes by for you both! and he will be home every now and then to visit :O) my hubby was away from me a about 6 months a year for almost 3 years. it was tough but we made it through! hope you feel better!! i miss tweeting with you too. tweet deck and tweet chat don't show my tweets anymore. i am upset because that baby shower twitter party is sat. are you attending? i hope so.

alright dear have a wonderful weekend and hope you feel a little better

Stacie said...

Yikes that's along time apart. I hope you have a fantastic weekend. Happy VGNO!

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

Happy VGNO! I understand what you're going through. My kids and I are moving to PA and my hubby has to stay behind in Germany for the next 5 months. Only coming home for a week every 4-5 weeks. Hang in there. Somehow things manage to work out.

Blogging Mama Andrea said...

And thanks for following!

MariZcreationZ said...

So sorry you have to be apart from your sole mate (((((HUGS))))))

kyooty said...

Can you make trips there to visit? The first 3 yrs after I met my hubbie were spent long term! we lived away from each other for 9months before we got married. I'm old fashion I didn't move in until I was "bought and paid for" haha :)

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Hey Gena,

Thanks for visiting my blog & reading all my ramblings about homeschooling.

Sorry your Ollie will be gone for so long, but don't forget, you have US gals!

Happy VGNO!