Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beautiful Landscape

A few months ago, when Ollie and I were returning from visiting his Grandchildren and his eldest daughter, we drove past a beautiful home with this gorgeous landscaping.

We both loved it!

We've been planning on doing some landscaping at his home. We have to battle lots of rocks and clay every time we work in the yard and it gets to be a pain.

Erosion is a really big problem for us, too. Ollie's house is in the middle of a big hill.

My idea is to do something similar to the photo, but a larger scale. At the top would be a "natural looking" waterfall, leading into the "fake" creek bed. At the base, would be a small "pool" with a seating area.

I hope you like it!


Arkansas Patti said...

I do love the look but it might make up keep a career. I live with clay and rocks also. Please offer pictures as you progress.
Will check out Durham County.

Cynthia said...

Well, I'm a Landscape Architect so I love it! I think you're on to a great idea and one that may solve both aesthetic and functional problems at the same time.

There are plenty of low-maintenance plants in every area. Just make sure to choose waterwise plants for your area and only plants that clump rather than spread and you'll be just fine on maintenance- the rocks aren't going to require much!

Caroline said...

Oh my gosh this photo is beautiful. I could imagine how amazing your yard would look with a waterfall and creek....

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Gena, We have some sloping on the lower side of our yard also. We put in rocks --and added semps ---and some ground cover, like English Ivy and Periwinkle. It's beginning to look very nice.

I love that picture of that yard. Good Luck with your landscaping.

suZen said...

Simply gorgeous! Great idea for a hillside! Love your whole new blog look too!